Switzerland and Brazil,
the foundation for a
tasty, balanced lifestyle!

Suívie is a Swiss-Brazilian collaboration with a focus on consumer health, offering a selective, refreshing range of products that hold both unique taste and specific health benefits.


Erva mate / hibiscus / sweetwood

ice tea hibiscus

This 100% natural ice tea infusion is based on Brazilian Erva Mate -also know as the green tea from Brazil- and Hibiscus. Both ingredients are commonly known to be rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

It comes in 2 different flavours, Lemon (sparkling) and Strawberry!

These refreshing drinks are:

  • low in calories
  • without added sugars
  • without preservatives
  • without colorants

Erva mate / canela / anis estrelado / maça desidratada

tea canela

Of both intense and enjoyable perfume, and even with a fruity, slightly sweet flavor, the infusion has a gentle stimulating effect.

This blend holds a strong digestive capacity due to the presence of malic acid of the dried apple, fortified through its combination with anise. The cinnamon on the other hand, exerts great thermogenic potential that assists in the well-functioning of our metabolism.

Perfect to enjoy prior or after meals.

Portion - 4 gr to 6 gr / Time of infusion - 6 to 8 min

pack canela

Erva mate / flor de hibisco / raiz de alcaçuz

tea hibiscus

This harmonious blend awakens the purest palates. It’s an excellent and energetic option to kick-start the day with. The infusion is suave and can be served both warm and cold. Adding to the numerous health benefits of our Erva-Mate, Hibiscus is a true source of vitamin C and other substances that contribute to the prevention of the accumulation of fats. It provides benefits to our body’s defense system, and holds both an excellent diuretic and detoxifying function.

Next so sweetening our blend in a natural way, the root of alcaçuz, presents various health-promoting properties, works anti-inflammatory and has a positive impact on lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Ideal to accompany breakfast or throughout the day, whenever that little extra energy would be welcomed.

Portion - 4 gr to 6 gr / Time of infusion - 3 to 5 min

pack hibiscus

Erva mate, casca de jabuticaba / semente de cardamomo

tea jabuticaba

The champion of all blends, for a tasty, balanced lifestyle. Coming with unique flavor, this blend presents the dried shell of the Jabuticaba berry. This noble, Brazilian fruitbrings forward potent antioxidants, supporting the control of free radicals and of the aging process.

Excellent source of vitamin B and C, the blend is a true health elixir. It has a positive impact on blood circulation, balances the intestinal flora, controls cholesterol and even promotes the right care for both skin, hair and nails. Combined with Cardamomo, an incredible synergy is formed, potentiating all antioxidant effects. The blend helps both our defenses and the process of detoxification of the impurities of our body.

Served warm or cold, anytime of the day, any time of the year.

pack jabuticaba

Erva mate / hortelã / camomila

tea camomilla

The unmistakable aroma and flavor, makes of this blend a true classic!

The balance between its components is perfect for decreasing anxiety and fatigue. The infusion assists in the control of both physical and mental stress.

The calming and relaxing effect of Chamomile makes this blend ideal for consumption later on the day or just to accompany a relaxing moment. The presence of mint contributes to an optimal digestion and adds both a nice aroma and a touch of freshness to the drink.

Portion - 4 gr to 6 gr / Time of infusion - 4 to 6 min

pack camomille


jonathan merlo

Jonathan Merlo

Product Development

Jonathan is a graduate Nutritionist, specialized in sports nutrition, and has been in the clinical area for 7 years. His practice is at the Workout Clinic, a reference clinic with focus on health, wellbeing and performance in Salvador, Bahia. He is founder and head coach of Mahamudra Brazil Salvador, a healthy lifestyle association that seeks the right equilibrium between body and mind, practicing physical exercises in the outdoors, while complementing this with yoga. An enthusiastic of several sporting modalities, Jonathan believes that health comes from a multifunctional context, always balancing body and mind. All this makes him the perfect fit to Suívie, leading its nutritional department.

daphne busseniers

Daphné Busseniers

Sales & Marketing

From Persian, Belgian origin, Daphné was born & raised in Antwerp (Belgium). She obtained her Master’s degree from the University of Antwerp, School of Economics, specializing in international management. During her studies she took the opportunity to study abroad for a few months in Puerto Rico (Universidad del Sagrado Corazón) as well as Milwaukee, USA (Marquette University). After graduation she was determined & passionate to start a marketing career within the FMCG environment where she kicked off with a sales traineeship at a global snacking company. Her path continued further into brand management of several regional and global brands with a scope on the Benelux. After that, she moved into managing the European marketing of a global brand out of Zurich (Switzerland), where she lives with her family. A healthy lifestyle has grown ever more important after the birth of her kids.

nathalie meylan

Nathalie Meylan

Sales & Marketing

Being a full blooded marketing and communications professional, Nathalie has a track record with major media companies in Brazil such as TV Globo and MTV where she worked for a combined 8 years. After a post-graduation in marketing at HEG Neuchatel, Switzerland, Nathalie furthered her career in the retail field, with Brazil’s largest shopping mall groups, BrMalls, Multiplan and the Iguatemi Group. Of Swiss-Brazilian nationality, Nathalie was born and raised in São Paulo and today, married and with a one-year-old son, Philipe, lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Nathalie fully reflects the Swiss-Brazilian mix of Suívie, its products and markets.

joao bernardo

João Bernardo


Originally from Salvador, Brazil, João graduated in Business Administration from the Federal University of Bahia. He has been working as a distributor and logistical service provider for, amongst others, Nestlé. Ecologist and cacao enthusiast, he preserves together with his family more than 500 ha of the Atlantic forest, through the cultivation of bio/organic cacao at the Fazenda Pena de Ouro in the south of Bahia. He has been awarded with the price of “cacauicultor do ano” in 2010, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. Cultivating this noble fruit in the shadows of the rainforest, in harmony with existing nature, his farm creates life by preserving life. João is head of sourcing at Suívie and adds tremendous value to the team when it comes to all our sustainability efforts. He is a proud husband and father of Anna Bela, his beloved daughter. Being a true sportsman, he is an adept of a healthy life which he projects daily in his work.

paulo lucas filho

Paulo Lucas Filho

Business Development

Paulo is a seasoned professional in the healthcare industry for more than 15 years. He has worked for various companies in the sector, both in the service industry and in the distribution of medical devices. Currently partner in a distributor of implantable medical devices for various states in Brazil, holding great relationships with large multinationals and local professionals, adding great value to the Suívie team. He graduated in Business Administration in his hometown (Salvador - Bahia) in 2004 and obtained a postgraduate in Australia where he lived for a year in 2005. His long relation with the healthcare sector comes with an awareness of a healthy lifestyle that is sure to go on for the rest of his life. A fervent snowboarder, Paulo travels world’s mountains to hit the right slopes.

christophe bosiers

Christophe Bosiers

Business Development

With a focus on Europe and Latin America, Christophe brings to the Suívie team a wealth of experience form the investment banking space. He started his career with GE Capital’s European operations, based in Paris, where held numerous positions in Leveraged Finance, Treasury, Alternative funding & Securitization between 2006 and 2013. After which, he moved to Zürich in the position of Director Corporate Development at Genae, a global Medical Device CRO. As from end 2015, Christophe started working for his family office, with investments in the healthcare, hospitality and consumer retail sector for both Europe and Latin America. Christophe obtained his Master’s degree from the University of Antwerp, School of Economics, Belgium, and lives currently in Zürich, Switzerland. A great fan of the outdoors, Christophe goes for a ski on the white slopes of the Swiss Alps, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Odila Costalonga

Odila Costalonga

Quality Assurance

Born in the city of Castelo, Espirito Santo, Odila graduated as a Biologist from São Camilo University, holding an MBA in Environmental Management. She has worked in major nation wide projects, amongst them: Mineroduto Minas/ES-Samarco, Mineroduto Minas/Rio- Anglo American, GASCAC- Petrobrás, FIOL-Ferrovia Oeste/Leste-Valec, experiences that have enriched her critical thinking and ecological attitude. As an environmental consultant, she is a specialist in "Environmentally Correct Progress" and Fauna & Flora of the Atlantic Forest. Mother of Anna Bela, lover of Mother Nature, practicing habits of a healthy life.

franco tenisi

Franco Tenisi


Of Italian descent, born and raised in the rural area of Itiruçu, interior of Bahia, Franco grew up at the farm of his family, cultivating coffee. There he had the opportunity to gain ample experience from planting and harvesting to the actual processing of coffee. Graduated in business administration, he worked for 10 years in the trade of materials for civil construction. Franco combines his work at Suívie, with organizing and promoting the festival Forró Coffee. The event, which was first held 16 years ago, is considered a landmark music festival in Bahia, generating both jobs and supporting the local economy. Forró Coffee is held annually in July, on the farm where Franco grew up.

Elisa Kretzer

Elisa Kretzer

Regulatory & Quality Assurance

Originally from Florianopolis, Elisa holds more than 12 years of experience in the field of Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs. She specialized in Clinical Trials at the Faculdade de Ciências Médicas da Santa Casa de São Paulo and she obtained a Master Degree in Business Administration at Universidade Estadual de Santa Catarina. She currently acts as Director Clinical Research at Rede Optimus in São Paulo and leads all regulatory and quality assurance topics within Suívie. Elisa started ballet when she was 4 years old and ever since has continued trying different modalities of exercising. A true organic food lover.

michel neven

Michel Neven

Media & Operations

A computer enthusiast from birth, Michel studied Computer Science in Leuven, Belgium. During his studies he did an exchange program at the University of Linköping, Sweden and an internship in Paris, France. In Belgium he founded several companies which makes him the prefect person to run operations. Uncommonly social for an IT programmer he enjoys exploring new places, cultures & meeting new people. He happily lives in Zurich, Switzerland, since 2015 with his family. Apart from everything IT related he has a strong passion for photography / cinematography, hiking & experimenting as a hobby chef.